Яндекс.Метрика "Selenwey" Cattery

Cattery of Persian & Exotic Cats "SELENWEY"

CFA № 256545 SELENWEY is a DNA PKD tested cattery
Рег.№21696 TICA / RU-0161 №100027.02 WCF

Dear Friends!
My name is Irina Spiridonova, the owner of a cattery called SELENWEY, and I welcome all of you cat lovers on my website. .
Founded in 2008, our small cattery of Persian and exotic short-haired cats is registered with TICA and WCF. It is based in a picturesque part of the Southern Urals, in the city of Ufa, the Republic of Bashkortostan.
SELENWEY breeds Persian and exotic silvers, smokes and bicolours in accordance with the highest international standards.
Our pets live at home and are treated as family members, fed an excellent diet and vaccinated on time.
The animals do not leave home until they are three or four months old.
We pay a lot of attention to the career of our pets, who participate in international exhibitions inside and outside Russia on a regular basis.
We hope that you will like our pets and visit our website again. Please, send your questions to our email. I would also be very happy to see your comments on my FACEBOOK page.
We are very grateful to the SNOWBALL cattery and personally to Olga and Lyudmila
Okishev for our wonderful pets, support and friendship,

With love and respect,
Irina Spiridonova