CAT'STUDIO MR.PRIDE red-white persian Haendel`s Baloo of Cat`Studio black persian CH Haendel's Legolas red tabby-white Harwood Little Panda GC Harwood Denaro
Harwood Cash Cow
GC, DW Noblessa's Cutie Pie of Haendel GC Noblessa's Absolut
CH Noblessa's Lola Larue
Midas She Devil of Haendel
CH Couronne Devil May Care of Midas GC, RW Artemis Ted E Bear of Couronne
CH Harwood Rio of Couronne
CH Thunderheart Harmony of Midas CH Boberan Noche of Thunderheart
CH Thunderheart Ta'hirih

GC Cat`Studio Minerva
C.E. white persian
CH Light Air White Wonder of Kitty Soft
PER copper-eyed white
GC,NW Spellbound Tom Cruse of Light Air CG Spellbound Crusade, DM
Casimar Critter of Spellbound
GC Marhei Juliette
of Light Air
GC,RW Ali-Baba Home Run of Marhei
Marhei Red
Cat`Studio Bonita
black patch.tabby-white persian
Cat`Studio for Dandy`s Sake Brigantina`s Fire Dragon
Diamond Wood Sweet Furby
Kitty Soft Zenty CH Light Air White Wonder of Kitty Soft
Kitty Soft Shiny
CH True Star's For Your Eyes Only calico persian CH Divination Caruso of True Star JW black persian Candirand's Charlie Brown of D'Eden Lover brown mackerel tabby - white persian GC,RW Candirand's Blast From The Past blue-white Van persian GC Candirand's Somebody Slap Me of Jovan
CH Candirand's Shut Up-N-Kiss Me
Bekah Ashleigh of Candirand DM brown patched mackerel tabby persian GC Candirand's Johnny Bravo of Bekah
GC,RW Silowette Halle of Bekah
D'Eden Lover Star Shine of Divination
black-white persian
Gc Tehy Martini of Kuorii black persian Gc Bolo's Rumor Hasit of They
TehyPop Tart
Kuorii Moonlight Kiss of D'Eden lover blue-white persian Kuorii Casper
DW Kuorii Sugar-Cube
Angel Eyes of True Star
o.e. white persian
GC,RW Parti Wai Sweet Dreams of Revillion

black-white persian
GC Magratheas Spiritwalker of Parti Wai DM red tabby - white persian GC Purdy Katz Huckleberry Finn of Hankypankys
Granddelight Amber of Magratheas (Vanillas)
GC Parti Wai Grace DM black-white van persian CH Frenchcats Nimbus of Parti Wai DM
GC Parti Wai Easter Bonnet DM
Revillion Cinderella c.e. white persian GC Artemis Man in the Moon of Revillion b.e. white persian GC Budmar's Moonbeam of Artemis
Artemis Blue Bonnet
GC Couronne Loony Tunes of Revillion DM calico persian CH Couronne Forget Me Not
PR Wattkatz White Out of Out're (Couronne) DM